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imed divine assistance and authority. It already possessed a knowledge of all things appertaining to the earth and the “firmament” above it which the Almighty[Pg 17] desired men to know. The earth w

as not round, it was the center of the



universe. It stood still while the sun moved daily over its surface, getting back each morning into i

ts place with the help of angels. The


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rainbow was a sign placed in the heavens for a purpose. Every known phenomenon of nature was accounted for by scriptural reference. The method of the creation o

f the world and the origin of man and



of woman also, the church possessed in circumstantial detail. The moment true science began its work, and ran counter to any of this fund of knowledge, assumed to have been furnished by the Almighty,

the trouble began. But the trouble was not altogether with the honest investigator. If his discovery tended to disprove what was known as scriptural truth, and inadvertently had been allowed to gain t

he public ear, every prelate in the ch


urch began contriving to refute it. A new opportunity for fame was opened to every ambitious theologian, and there immediately began in rebuttal a spinning of texts, and a style of metaphysical argume

nt, from one end of the church to the other, which remain to this day as the most remarkable curiosities of sinuous reasoning and constrained thought on record. All questions of a scientific character

had but[Pg 18] one method of settleme


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